Long Life TEC Module ATE1-TC-199

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ATE1-TC-199 long life TEC modules have 199 pairs of Peltier elements, and no moving parts. Long life refers that these TEC modules have a long service life when suffering frequent changes between heating and cooling. Standard TEC modules will have a shorter life time when suffering the same. Many experiments show that ATE1-TC-199 TEC modules have significantly long life time in thermal cycling applications.

The maximum input voltage is 27.4V, and the current is 13A. There are two types in this series, ATE1-TC-199-13A, and ATE1-TC-199-13AS. The former is non-sealed version and the latter is sealed version, which has the edges between the two ceramic plates sealed. The maximum temperature difference is 72°C. The physical photo is shown below.

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