Low Cost NTC Thermsitor Assembly ATH100KL2B

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Ntc thermistors have been widely used in temperature sensing applications these days. ATH100KL2B is an ntc thermistor assembly that has a glass encapsulated ntc thermistor inside the ring lug. The ring lug is used for mounting to another object easily.

The internal glass encapsulated thermistor is ATH100K1R25, with the nominal resistance at 25°C of 100k. The ring lug outside it has a ring hole diameter of 2.18mm. If you are looking for a larger ring hole diameter, then ATH100KL2C may meet the requirement, with the diameter of 3.02mm. There are two lead wires with the thermistor, and for insulated reason, there is a type of thermistor assembly with the leads covered with plastic tubing, the part number is ATH100KL2BT70. Moreover, we also provide a sealed version of the previous thermistor, the part number is ATH100KL2BT70S, which has it sealed between the two plastic tubing and the thermistor head.

To build a stable and accurate temperature measurement system, use this NTC thermistor with TEC controller, TEC module and heat sink, etc.

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