Peltier Cooler Thermoelectric Cooler ATE1-161 Series

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With 161 pairs of Peltier elements, ATE1-161 series thermoelectric coolers come with a maximum input voltage of 19.3V. This TEC modules is aimed to regulate and stabilize the temperature in a wide range, and it can be used in air conditioner, IC, solid state laser, icebox, etc.

This TEC module has two bare and flat ceramic plates, which can be mounted onto flat metal surfaces by inserting thermal conductive materials, such as thermal pad or thermal paste. Compared to other types of cooler, this TEC module has a relatively smaller size, 40*40mm, which saves valuable spaces in temperature regulation systems. Besides, there are several options for current, such as 4A, 5A and 6A, thus the power ratings are different. All the TEC modules in this series are sealed version, which can be applied in moisture environment. The maximum temperature different that the TEC module can achieve is 67°C. The physical photo is shown in below.

Our TEC modules can work well with our TEC controller in a temperature regulation and monitor system.

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