Peltier Cooler Thermoelectric Cooler ATE1-127

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ATLS6A214 laser driver comes with high voltage, constant current, and high efficiency. The efficiency can reach over 90%, so there is no need for heat sink. It also has a compact size, 27.4*21*5.7mm, which saves valuable PCB space in laser applications.

The input voltage range is from 5V to 14V, and the maximum output current is 6A, as indicated in the part number, ATLS6A214. This high voltage laser diode driver can drive multiple laser diodes with high efficiency at the same time. The output current noise is <12μA when the frequency is from 0.1Hz to 10Hz. Inside the laser driver, there is a protection circuit for preventing the driver from being overheated. When the temperature of the laser driver exceeds a temperature limit, the driver will shut down itself automatically and will restart when the temperature goes back to a normal value.

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