High Stability NTC Thermsitor ATH100K1R25

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ATH100K1R25 is a glass encapsulated ntc thermistor with two copper coated lead wires. This ntc thermistor has higher stability and precision than general epoxy encapsulated thermistor. The thermistor can be used to sense the temperature for those applications, where require high temperature sensitivity, long term stability, and high sensing temperature, such as optical components, laser drivers, industrial process control, etc..

This series ntc thermistors are divided into three types, one is with two copper coated bare lead wires; the other two have the lead wires covered with plastic tubing, and among them, one is sealed, with a part number ATH100K1R25T70S; the other is non-sealed, with a part number ATH100K1R25T70. Sealed thermistor can be applied more widely, such as in liquid. The thermistor and the size are shown in the picture below.

To build a stable and accurate temperature measurement system, use this NTC thermistor with TEC controller, TEC module and heat sink, etc.

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