Laser Controller Laser Diode Driver ATLS4A214

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ATLS4A214 is a high voltage constant current laser diode driver, which comes with a wide input voltage range, from 5V to 14V. This laser diode driver has a high efficiency, over 90%, so there is no need for heat sinks.

As shown in the picture below, a 6 sided metal enclosure can block all the incoming and outgoing EMIs, so it will not interfere or be interfered by other electronics. This laser driver also has a compact size, which saves space for most applications. There are some other features, such as direct digital modulation control, dual independent current set ports, low output current noise (<12μA@0.1Hz~10Hz), and high current stability, etc. For the package, both DIP and SMT packages are available. Besides this 4A high voltage laser driver, there is a higher current 6A one, ATLS6A214.

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