Laser Controller Laser Diode Driver ATLS10A216

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Laser diode driver is usually used to drive laser diode. ATLS10A216 is a high voltage and constant current laser driver. This laser driver features compact size, fully shielded, low output current noise, wide input and output voltage range, high efficiency, etc.

The laser driver ATLS10A216 comes with a high input voltage range, from 5.5V to 15V, and the output voltage range is also wide, from 0.8V to 15V. Therefore, this laser driver can drive one or multiple laser diodes at the same time. The maximum output current can be 10A with high efficiency of over 90%. The very low output current noise is < 12μA@0.1Hz~10Hz. There are three control states in the laser driver: shutdown, operation and standby. In standby mode, all the components works except the output stage. In shutdown mode, all the components stop working and the power supply current is reduced to <3µA. There is a physical photo of ATLS10A216D shown in below.

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