High Performance NTC Thermsitor Assembly ATH10KL2B

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Traditional ntc thermistors are epoxy encapsulated or glass encapsulated. The latter one is better than the former one in performance. However, in many applications of ntc thermistors, it is not easy to mount the thermistors. Therefore, ATI provides a simple resolution for this: mount a metal ring lug outside the glass encapsulated ntc thermistor, which simplified the mounting process of the ntc thermistors.

This ntc thermistor assembly ATH10KL2B is the updated version of ATH10K1R25, which is without the ring lug. The nominal resistance at 25°C is 10k. The ring lug has a small size, with the external diameter of 5.5mm and the hole diameter of 2.18mm. This compact size allows the users to mount it into other structures easily. Moreover, this ntc thermistor has a high resistance accuracy, up to 1%. The photo below is a real ATH10KL2B thermistor assembly.

To build a stable and accurate temperature measurement system, use this NTC thermistor with TEC controller, TEC module and heat sink, etc.

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