High Voltage 4A Laser Diode Driver

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Laser diode driver 214 series includes ATLS6A214 and ATLS4A214. The maximum output current is 6A, and 4A respectively. ATLS4A214D has a compact size and a six sided metal enclosure that is used to prevent EMI from other electronics.

This laser driver comes with a high efficiency, 90%, and no heat sinks are needed during operation since only a small amount of heat is generated by this heat sink. There are dual independent current set ports that are digitally controlled to switch between them for the output current setting. That is to say, there can be 2 preset current values for digitally modulating the laser. The output current noise of this laser driver is low, < 12µAP-P at the frequency of 0.1Hz~10Hz. There is a protection circuit inside the laser driver. When the temperature exceeds 20°C, the laser driver will shut down the output stage automatically. A loop good indication output will tell if the laser driver works well.

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