Vacuum Sucking Pen

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Vacuum suction pen, which looks like a pen, is a small pneumatic tool. It consists of a plastic or a rubber shell, a vacuum generator (pneumatic), a vacuum chuck, an elbow and a reel (pneumatic), and it can be flexibly used for assembly of small parts. Vacuum suction pen can be divided into two categories: pneumatic suction pen and manual suction pen. Air supplyrequirement of pneumatic suction pen is 4 to 6 kg of compressed air. The power of manual suction pen is the rubber bladder. Pneumatic suction pen and manual suction pen are compared: the former power is fuller, but it’s more limited in scope; the latter has more convenient activity, but it has less power.

Precautions for use:
(1) Do not use the machine valve to operate vacuum suction pen button, which can damage the button.
(2) Remove the vacuum generator or vacuum suction cup base to replace the filter.Carry out regular maintenance checks. If not, the blockage can reduce the performance.
(3) Silencing elements ofvacuum suction pen with a valve can’t be replaced.
(4) When using pipe connected to connect vacuum suction pen, we try to make the minimum load on the joint.
(5) Normal working temperature of vacuum suction pen is 0 to 60℃。
The advantages of vacuum suction pen:
 (1) It is convenient to use at any time because there is the built-in ultra-small powerful vacuum pump without any straw connection or power line.
 (2) Electric operationprovides strong and stable suction, especially suitable for continuous suction work.
 (3) Feather touch button with the pen type design is very comfortable in use.
(4) Eliminate static design is suitable for processing current sensitive elements.
 (5)Straw is provided with a suction pad fixing device, which can protect suction pad from piercingstraw and also can avoid damagingcomponents. That can ensure the high quality of absorbing efficiency.