Laser Driver - LDA1-CP1

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Laser Driver:  LDA1-CP1

The LDA1-CP1 is an electronic module designed for driving P type (PD anode and LD cathode are connected to the laser diode can) diode lasers with well controlled and monitored driving current and output laser power. This laser driver has a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) output stage, and achieves >90% high power efficiency, eliminating the need for a heat sink. The output current and laser power can be set linearly by two separate input voltages and monitored linearly at the same time by two output voltages respectively. This laser controller comes with a high stability low noise 2.5V reference voltage which can be used to set the output current and the output power, and as voltage references for external ADCs and DACs.This laser driver is of 100 % lead (Pb)-free and RoHS compliant.
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