New High Voltage Laser Driver ATLS200MA116 and ATLS250MA116

Time : 2021-03-05 09:05Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :

Analog Technologies, Inc has been refining its ATLSxA116 series laser driver, which features high input voltage, low noise, constant current, and compact size. Now we have added two new members to this series, ATLS200MA116 and ATLS250MA116, whose current capabilities are 200mA and 250mA respectively.

Compared with the previously-released ATLS100MA116D, the two new laser drivers feature higher current while keeping similar functions, comparable to those of the 100mA. All the laser drivers in this series have a 1.5V to 14V output voltage and a 6.5V to 16V input voltage. Compared with other series of laser drivers, ATLSxA116 features lower current, higher modulation speed, and higher voltage. It has high absolute accuracy, ± 0.1%, and a high stability <15ppm/°C.

To facilitate the evaluation of these laser drivers, we have developed an evaluation board, ATLS100MA116DEV1.0, which can be used for evaluating ATLSxA116 laser drivers conveniently.

For more technical information on the two new laser drivers, view their datasheets here:

For more general information on laser drivers, view here:

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