New Variable Resistor & Capacitor Box ATRCT101

Time : 2020-12-28 14:25Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :

Analog Technologies has developed and launched a brand-new variable resistor and capacitor box, ATRCT101, an anticipated member of the adjustable decade box family.

Below includes a physical photo of the product.


With the new and improved design, this resistor and capacitor box may now be used at a higher frequency compensation networks. Compared to the existing boxes, ATCDB12 and ATRDB12, which can only be used at lower frequencies of less than 1MHz, the new ATRCT101 may be applied to higher frequency compensation networks tuning from 1MHz to 10MHz. Furthermore, this new product can integrate resistor boxes and capacitor boxes into one, facilitating experiments and applications.


As shown in the photo, this resistor and capacitor box features a rocker switch design, improving the efficiency of tuning electronic circuits. These switches also have long service lives. The resistance can be adjusted from 1Ω to 100Ω, with a high resistance resolution of 1Ω. Its capacitance can be adjusted from 10pF to 10, with a high capacitance resolution of 10pF. Finally, this resistor and capacitor box has a compact size, 73.58mm × 26.85mm × 18.01mm, becoming an innovative and helpful space saver.

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