Newly Released High Voltage Amplifiers/Piezo Drivers

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Analog Technologies has released a new series of high voltage amplifiers, also known as piezo drivers. These high voltage amplifiers are used for driving piezos or high voltage loads.


We have recently added more models to this series in addition to the previously released AHVA1KV2X20MA. The newly added products are AHVA2KV2X20MA, AHVA500V2X30MA, AHVA250V2X40MA, and AHVA100V2X50MA.


As the part numbers indicate, the maximum output voltages of these high voltage amplifiers are 2kV, 500V, 250V and 100V respectively, and the current capabilities are 20mA, 30mA, 40mA and 50mA respectively. All of them come with a compact build of 181.5mm × 149.0mm × 38.3mm. These can be easily placed on bench tops or moved from place to place. Finally, this high voltage amplifier only weighs 2.2lbs.

The physical photo of AHVA2KV2X20MA is shown below.


A built-in high voltage DC-DC converter is used for converting the 24V input voltage into an output voltage between 0V and its maximum output voltage. In other words, the analog output voltage can swing anywhere from 0 to the maximum output voltage when it is powered by a 24V power supply. There are three LED indicators indicating whether the amplifier is working properly.

For more information about this product and other technologies, refer to our webpages and datasheets below.

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