TECA2-xV-xV-DAH TEC Controller

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Great news! Analog Technologies just launched a new TEC controller, TECA2-xV-xV-DAH. This TEC controller features a smaller size than our TECA1-xV-xV-DAH, which helps save more valuable space in your application. The physical photo of our new TEC controller is shown as follows:

This TEC controller is usually used for driving TECs to regulate the system temperature. Among other TEC controllers of our company, this one boasts high efficiency, high precision, high reliability, more compact size, and lower current. High efficiency allows this TEC controller to work without a heat sink. The maximum output current is 1.5A and the dimension is 20.14mm in length, 14.6mm in width, and 8.0mm in height. Such a small TEC controller is rarely seen in the market. This TEC controller provides actual object temperature monitoring that can indicate if the temperature is good or not. You can learn more from the block diagram as follows:

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