0201 SMT Resistor Kits

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Super SMT resistor kits are popular in the market for over 20 years. In recent days, we launched a new series of resistor kits, 0201 series, which encloses SMT resistors of 0201 size. This resistor kit includes an SMT component enclosure, which was also developed by us, and a series of resistors with different quantities.

This resistor kit would not leak any resistors even as small as 0201 size. The cover can be fixed at a certain angle that can help save the space of your bench. The enclosure only has a letter size and can be taken in your bag to any other places you want to go. It’s easy to take resistors in the individual compartments with tweezers. The resistors range from 0W to 10MW, a total of 169 values. These resistor values are all commonly used ones, and printed on the lid of each compartment. The enclosure has 200 individual lidded compartments and you can use the remaining vacant compartments for other components that are commonly used by you. The enclosure feature PP material and can bear an adult’s weight, up to 100kg.

We also provide resistor kits with resistors of 0402 size, 0603 size, 0805 size, and 1206 size, you can visit our website for more details:


If you need the empty enclosure, then you can check here: