Digital High Voltage Constant Current 15A Laser Driver

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ATI has developed multiple types of laser diode drivers these years, and most of them are analog ones. To meet the rising demands of digital laser drivers in the market, we have developed a brand new digital high voltage constant current laser driver with up to 15A output current and 28V input voltage. This laser driver is used for driving one or multiple laser diodes with low noise and high efficiency.

The part number of this digital laser driver is ALDD28V15A401. This laser driver comes with digital display for setting and monitoring parameters. Two buttons on the interface can be used for setting the parameters. Momentary press and long press result in different setting. Basic specifications and pin locations can be found in the label of the laser driver, as shown in the figure below.

The input voltage ranges from 10V to 27V and the output voltage ranges from 0.1 to 0.8 power supply voltage. The output current is up to 15A with low noise. The power efficiency is up to 90%. Usually, digital laser drivers have a relatively large size, however, this digital laser driver boasts a compact size, 27.4mm×21mm×5.7mm, which will definitely save much space in your applications. For more functions and operations, you can refer to the datasheet here:

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