Metal Ceramic Heater

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ATI is releasing a new series of products, metal ceramic heater (MCH). MCH is short for metal ceramics heater, which can also be called MCH heater, metal ceramic heating element, alumina metallic ceramic heating element. This heater is widely used in industry, agriculture, communication, and many other fields.

This metal ceramic heater is used to replace the alloy wire and PTC heating elements and components that are most widely used nowadays. Compared with those material, it is noiseless and corrosion resistant. It also features high efficiency, high temperature resistance, thermal and cold shock resistance, as well as long service life. This metal ceramic heater saves energy for you, i.e. the heat consumption cost by this metal ceramic heater is 20%~30% less than PTC heating elements and components. Rapid heating, it takes only ten seconds to heat up to 100~230°C. To 500°C~700°C, it only needs 30 seconds.

The surface of the heater is ceramic, with good insulation and no electric charge. The heater doesn’t deliver impact peak current or power attenuation, so it features less impact on the circuit board.

We have now 4 types of metal ceramic heater and will develop more models in the coming days. We can also customize heats as per your specific requirements, including different working voltages, dimensions (diameter or length), shapes (square, rod, or tubular shape).

For more technical details, you can check our webpage and datasheet as follows: