Quantum Cascade Laser Driver

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Quantum cascade laser is a semiconductor laser that emits spectra in the mid- to far-infrared bands, and quantum cascade laser driver (QCL driver) is used for driving such lasers for multiple applications such as radar, spectroscopy, medical diagnostics, etc.

This QCL driver is chassis mounted with compact size and weight, and you can take a look at the photo below. The dimension of this module is 50mm×50mm×14mm, which helps save a lot of space in your prototype. It comes with ultra low noise (0.5μAP-P@0.1Hz ~ 10Hz) as well as a wide modulation bandwidth. Moreover, over voltage, under voltage, over current and over temperature protections can be found in this QCL driver. The input voltage is from 10V to 28V. The maximum output current is 500mA. It has two more function available: control loop good indication and output current real time monitoring. This laser driver is also 100 % lead-free and RoHS compliant. With so many excellent features above, this QCL cost you less and provide you more functions than the similar products in the current market.

More detailed information about this quantum cascade laser driver can be found in its datasheet here.

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