TEC28V15A Peltier Controller/TEC Controller

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The World's Only High Voltage High Power Compact High Efficiency TEC Controller


TEC Controllers have become innovative designs that are vital to temperature regulation of various objects. By injecting electrical currents in specific directions, a TEC Controller can cool or heat up objects without requiring large amounts of energy. Usually they are powered by a DC voltage between 5V to 28V and the output current can go up to 15A without using a heat sink. With the invention of the TEC controller, electrical operations have been made much more efficient for the long run.


ATI has recently released a TEC controller, TEC28V15A, with high voltage, high power, high efficiency and compact size. With such features, this TEC controller can facilitate electronic engineers’ applications while driving TEC modules with high efficiency. Additionally, the controller TEC28V15A allows for setting of the set-point temperature, maximum output voltage, magnitude, and the maximum output current magnitude respectively.


By using this TEC controller in your application, it can drive a TEC module or multiple TECs at high efficiency and high reliability without using a heat sink. In addition, multiple features of our TEC controller have made it one of the most efficient TECs on the market.

· Built-in Smart Auto PID Control

A smart auto PID control micro-process is built in this TEC controller, which senses and compensates for the thermal load continuously and automatically. This feature saves a lot of effort for users to build a compensation network by using external components, and no tuning is required too.

· High Output Voltage 28V

· High Output Current 15A

· High Efficiency >92%

· High Temperature Stability: ±0.01°C

· Low Thermistor Injection Current <1µA

· Continuous Bi-directional Output

· Programmable Output Current and Voltage Limits

· Real Time Temperature, Current and Voltage Signals

· Selectable Temperature Sensor Types: thermistor, RTD, or temperature sensor IC

· High Reliability and Zero EMI

· Compact Size: 35.96x35.96x8.2(mm)

· 100 % Lead (Pb)-free and RoHS Compliant

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